Ristorantino…it’s our place but not a Ristorante nor Trattoria.


In Italy “Ristorante” are traditionally considered to be places of fine dining. However, the rules of etiquette make it difficult to dine informally with young families or alone. Pizzeria (pizza restaurants) and Trattoria (casual diners) are other types of Italian eateries that provide a more casual atmosphere, but lack the level of culinary sophistication that would allow Susurai-Chef, Keiichiro, to truly show off his creative talents. For this reason we decided call our place a “Ristorantino”; where “-ino” is an Italian suffix that adds the meaning of “little” or “cute”. We are a small and friendly restaurant, where customers can casually come in and enjoy the quintessence of Italian fine dining. 

We named our Ristorantino “Il Cipresso” after the cypress tree, which is one of the symbols of Tuscany. Sasurai-Chef, Keiichiro, spent nine years near Val d’Orcia (Orcia valley) in Tuscany where the scenery is lined with World Heritage listed cypress trees. The tranquil setting is rich in nature, history and culture. On top of that, there is great food. We want the name “Il Cipresso” to bring the essence of Italy to Kagoshima. Italians are proud of the love for their food, family, hometown and culture – and we are proud to share this love with you.